#AuthorOfTheWeek: TIJAN’S BOOKS #AuthorThatWillRockYourWorld

best author TIJAN

Tijan is my all time favorite author, there is no doubt to it! I LOVE HER and I ADORE HER WORK, if you don’t know her, it’s TIME to meet her.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you TIJAN’S BOOKS! #authorthatwillrockyourworld #AuthorOfTheWeek

Her main genres are Fiction, New Adult and obviously Romance with a pinch of paranormal, but not in all books. I fall in love with her work after reading Fallen Crest High series, those books are genius and LOGAN KADE, oh, man! (I will write a bunch of reviews on these books, they are soo good). After that whole episode of addictive reading FCH series, a started reading others, Carter Reed, Broken and Screwed and indeed I was screwed in positive way, of course. I fall into her writing, and now I need to one-click every book that comes from this author #warning. I genuinely love her work, it’s light, it’s amazing, it’s what you need to relax, it’s what you need to feel. So if you have a chance to grab one of her books, DO IT with no hesitation, you WON’T regret it. Her writing skills are amazing, how she is portraying every character, how she is describing situations, how she is layering scenes, OMG, I could write and write, but there are no words of adoration for this AUTHOR. SHE IS MY FAVOURITE!

Unfortunately her books are not available in Poland #verysadnews. Amazon it is! I will try to build her image on Lubimyczytać.pl (polish website, something like Goodreads), polish people need to know Tijan’s work. I need/want her books in Poland, like NOW! I want paperbacks, like NOW! But for this moment, Kindle App it is…Can’t wait for her books to come out in Poland, but when it will happen I hope translators won’t screw it up #nooffense.

From Tijan’s website:

I didn’t begin writing until after undergraduate college. There’d been storylines and characters in my head all my life, but it came to a boiling point one day and I HAD to get them out of me. So the computer was booted up and I FINALLY felt it click. Writing is what I needed to do. After that, I had to teach myself how to write. I can’t blame my teachers for not teaching me all those years in school. It was my fault. I was one of the students that was wishing I was anywhere but at school! So after that day, it took me lots of work until I was able to put together something that resembled a novel. I’m hoping I got it right since someone must be reading this profile! And I hope you keep enjoying my future stories.

More about the author and her work, you will find:


Facebook, Instagram, AmazonGoodreads, Twitter

You need to meet FEARSOME FOURSOME!!!! #loganisawesomeanddontforgetit

From today, I will pick and post #AuthorOfTheWeek on every Monday, the beginning of the week, the beginning of your relationship with awesome authors I will show you! #dontthankme #yourewelcome

Review Junkie, Anna

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