#AuthorOfTheWeek: Sara Ney #myweirdoauthor

#AuthorOfTHeWeek I will pick once a week an author, that I like, sometimes it will be a new author for me and sometimes an old stager, that I know for a long time.I want to share with you, my favourite authors and why I like them, how I bumped into them, and what drawn me to their work. #sosimple So first in the series isssss: #drums

new author Sara Ney

My first encounter with this beautiful human being, had place on the group on Facebook, exactly on FundaySunday, I went there because, Tijan’s Books was there, but I met so many new and amazing authors #newtome. I was so happy, that I met Sara Ney. She is weird and loves Starbucks #stalking. Only had a chance to read one of her books #nopocketmoney, Things Liars Say, ooo my! This book is funny, full of wit, sweet but more about the book will be in the review, later on.

Her main genres are romances, fiction, humor and comedy, and you sure as hell will get a comedy, there is no option, because Sara is very funny person, again I am stalking her on facebook and other social media. She is also sexy and arrogant but those kinds of people/authors are the best, right? Her writing will warm your heart and give you happy feels. I read her book with non-stop smiling face, when I put the book down my face hurt #warning.

From Amazon page:

Sara Ney is a former boutique owner and University club advisor, and is the Amazon Bestselling author of A Kiss Like This, Things Liars Say, and over 6 other sexy, flirty, and romantic reads. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two daughters.

So if you will have a chance to grab one of her books, do it, you won’t regret it. Unless you don’t like romances, or fun people, then… well  #awkward #ups.

Books of this author are not available in Poland, Amazon it is!


If you wanna stalk Sara like I do, click:

Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram,  her Website

Review Junkie, Anna

On the blog, you will also find her under: Best Authors



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